Metalcontenitori srl has designed, developed and supplied pressure and gravity filters in carbon steel and stainless steel for water purification, for more than twenty years.


We work for the most important companies in the water purification sector, including engineering firms, public entities, consortiums, the chemical industry, the petrochemical industry, containment plants, etc.

The experience acquired over the years, along with continuous technical innovation has allowed the company to offer sand filters, carbon and mixed bed filters etc., perfectly made according to client design.


Metalcontenitori srl is also able to make large filters onsite in carbon steel or stainless steel, complete with all user accessories and relative feeding pipes.

Metalcontenitori srl after many years of experience developing filters for the most important companies in the industrial sector, has developed its own operational and economic standards, designed to reduce production times and facilitate use.


Metalcontenitori srl performs internal and external protective treatments using coatings and/or food quality Ebonite and Teflon coating with selected partners developed thoughout a number of years of collaboration, and the company issues all relevant certification according to current legislation.

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